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The Winter Syndicate starts....

Added at 10:48 on Monday 19th November 2018

The Ashmead Winter Syndicate is now underway for 2108/19. I fished a night last week myself and found some carp in a deep bay near the car park. A bait presented just an inch out from the bank produced a run the following morning and after a heated exchange I landed this beautiful 35lb mirror. Other Opening Week carp included some of Ashmead's young mirrors that have been spawned in the wetland in recent years and a lovely common of 33.08lb to Trevor Sturgess.

33.08 common
A young 20lb+ mirror

Deserved success

Added at 12:03 on Thursday 27th September 2018

Last week, James Seaton (an Ashmead regular) couldn't make his booked visit and asked us to auction off the five days fishing amongst our regular guests, with any money raised going to support Ebonie in her fight against childhood leukaemia. ( ). It was a lovely gesture and a winning bid of £800 from Cully Hassard secured five days of fishing at Ashmead in glorious autumnal conditions...

Cully has always wanted to catch a thirty-pound common and Ashmead repaid his kindness with two personal bests over the five days; a 32lb 12oz common on his second afternoon and then a glorious thirty-five the following day. Moments and memories like these make Ashmead special and I'm touched by the generosity of spirit of both Cully and James.

Cully's 35
Early autumn on Tom's Pond

The prospect of Autumn.

Added at 17:32 on Monday 10th September 2018

Throughout the summer, oxygen levels have determined the feeding times in the wetland. Heavy weed has been absorbing oxygen at night and producing it throughout the day. Even on the hottest summer days, most fish have been caught in daylight, with many coming out in the heat of the afternoon sun, when oxygen levels are at their peak. As we move into autumn however the patterns change and oxygen ceases to be the main determining factor. Over the past few weeks, a few carp have been caught in darkness and late evening and early mornings now seem to be the prime feeding times.

The ever consistent Dan Smith with a beautiful thirty plus mirror and thirty-four plus common and Graham Mustoe (maker of the finest muffins on the planet!) with a perfect twenty-eight pound common.

Dan Smith with
Dan's thirty-four
The Muffin Man with cracking twenty-eight pounder

An obscure record?

Added at 14:47 on Tuesday 21st August 2018

Not that it really matters one jot but I think that my old friend Jon Berry's recent capture of Moonscale at 46lb was the record for the largest carp ever caught on a cane rod and a centerpin reel. In any case, it was a fine bit of angling and Jon watched the carp visit a spot within inches of the bank to feed over the course of a few days, before he finally hooked her on his final morning at the lake. I love the astonished and disbelieving expression on Jon's face in the catch photos...

In other news, Darren Walkin landed a lovely brace of commons recently. One of these was just over 30lb but the more interesting carp was a mid-twenty that had never been caught before to the best of my knowledge. The capture each year of these unknown carp from the Ashmead wetland shows just how naturally rich and productive the water is. Knowing there are uncaught fish within Ashmead also adds that essential bit of mystery to the fishing!

The largest carp caught on cane and pin?
Jon with Moonscale at 46lb
Darren Walkin with a previously unknown mid-twenty.

Old friends...

Added at 16:50 on Wednesday 08th August 2018

The best moments at Ashmead come when old friends create new memories to share and when old passions are fired by close encounters with some of Ashmead's wonderful carp...

Martin Cox with Opal
Darren Walkin with The Long Common
A lovely shot of Chris Douce and Ayla with a lovely common, photographed by Ayla's twin sister Maisie

Three Ashmead jewels

Added at 10:09 on Saturday 07th July 2018

Single Scale at 55lb, landed by Jake. Patch, the fully-scaled mirror landed by Jimmy. Opal landed by Ed. Despite the blazing temperatures, three of Ashmead's finest mirrors were landed last week... All second generation Ashmead carp, spawned in the wetland and grown on naturally in the rich Ashmead environment over the past twenty to thirty years.

Single Scale

It's all in the detail....

Added at 19:06 on Thursday 05th July 2018

The Grey...

One of the Original Ashmead stocking perhaps.
Certainly one of the oldest Ashmead carp.
Testimony to the anglers who have cared for the fish for so many years.


Added at 15:20 on Sunday 20th May 2018

The spring season has drawn to a close and Ashmead is now closed for spawning.... The final week was fished by some of our longest standing guests who are now old friends and they caught some fantastic carp during their stay. Dave Cooper landed the common known as Psst at 40lb 40z from a margin spot on Five-Ways point and Dan landed another "new" thirty, with The Grey Common nudging the scales around to 30+ for the first time. The Grey Common has only been caught a handful of times, so it was great to see her in such great shape. Everyone caught and it was a fine end to a spring season that started off with snow and ice....

Psst at 40lb 40z
Dan with The Grey Common
Paul with Opal

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