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That moment...

Added at 12:32 on Friday 11th May 2018

Any catch is special but some mean that little bit more and those moments can be better still if they are shared with like-minded anglers who really understand why you are grinning like a loon! Ben Gratwicke with a personal best common of 41lb and Rich Vicker with a 32+ common caught after a hard winter's fishing as a member of the Ashmead Winter Syndicate.

Ben with his 41
Rich with a 32+ common

When it all comes right...

Added at 10:04 on Monday 30th April 2018

One of my favourite bits of writing about carp angling when I was younger was Rod Hutchinson's Redmire piece with the title 'When it all comes right', about a fantastic session he enjoyed at the pool. I could write a similarly titled piece about the last week at Ashmead, when some old friends shared a catch of thirty carp including (I think!) four or possibly five thirties. The biggest fish was The Long Common, caught by Aaron McCarthy at over 40lb, which he caught along with another thirty plus common after moving swims mid-session.

The highlight for me though was the capture of a fish called 'The Tench' after Terry Hearn who was the first captor of the carp in 2014, when it weighed 8lb. This time it broke the twenty barrier for the first time at 20.08. One of many young mirrors that are spawned naturally in the Ashmead wetland and are growing on to be Ashmead's future...

Great company and some lovely carp.

Aaron and The Long Common
Aarron's second thirty pounder
'The Tench'

Session of a lifetime!

Added at 15:50 on Wednesday 11th April 2018

Last week, Julian visited Ashmead for the third of his short spring sessions. Conditions were hard and with the incessant rain we've had the banks were thick with mud making moving swims a chore. Not that this put Julian off! He found a big common in No Carp Corner, just about as far from his pitch as possible and he spent well over an hour getting around there with his kit. It wa worth the effort because ten minutes later his carefully placed bait had been taken and he had Single Scale in the net at 54lb 8oz. The following morning he had another take from the same spot and landed a common of 36+ to cap the session of a lifetime .... A great bit of thoughtful angling and a huge effort! It's great when the effort pays off in style...

Single Scale
A lovely 27lb mirror caught by Jules the week before...

A "new" thirty...

Added at 11:26 on Monday 09th April 2018

At long last spring is in the air and the Ashmead carp are starting to move. The rain has been unrelenting and the fishery is a bit of a mud bath but the weeping willows are showing their fresh new leaves and the flag iris is shooting.

I'll put up some photos of an exceptional catch from last week when I have them but, in the meantime, Nick Bassett landed a lovely common this week, which topped thirty pounds for the first time (it's previous biggest weight was 27lb last August). It's a carp that only gets caught once or twice a year (like many of the Ashmead fish) and most of those captures over the years have been in spring and from the same area of the lake.

A new thirty
30lb 4oz
Clive Tucker with a lovely 29lb common

Did somebody mention Spring?

Added at 12:22 on Saturday 31st March 2018

Spring certainly hasn't arrived in Somerset yet! Torrential rain for the past two days and the wetland is, well, wet and very very muddy. It's still cold as well although not as cold as a fortnight ago when Ryan Thomas awoke to find his brolly had become part of a snow drift... In between, when the sun has shown its face, the odd carp has been caught and they are moving. A lovely young Ashmead mirror caught by Adam Hicks and a 26lb common to Martyn Lloyd were amongst last week's captures but the fishing is hard going to say the least. Hopefully spring will reach us before too long, the wetland pathways will dry and the carp will awaken.

The line between dedication and madness is a fine one...
Adam and a young mirror, just shy of 15lb
Martyn's 26lb common

New arrival....

Added at 17:51 on Sunday 04th March 2018

It's not all about fish. Introducing Munro who was born on the smallholding this morning at first light. We love our Highland's which help us keep the fishery and our fields in good shape. They also provide fantastic tasting beef but this probably isn't the time to mention that!

Munro and Mum Ishbel

Three years!

Added at 09:46 on Sunday 04th March 2018

Three years ago we announced in Carpworld that we were opening the Ashmead gate the angling world. Three years! Time flies...

Since then , we have shared the wetland with anglers who have become regular guests and friends.

We hoped that there were anglers out there who would appreciate the natural beauty and fine carp that Ashmead has to offer and that has proven to be the case...

We would like to thank all of our guests for their support. We look forward to welcoming you onto the banks of Ashmead this year and in 2019.

Carpworld cover, March 2015

2019/20 Bookings.

Added at 12:26 on Wednesday 14th February 2018

The calendar showing booking availability at Ashmead in 2019/20 is now live on the website.

We are grateful for the continued support of our regular guests who have already requested dates and we look forward to welcoming some new guests in 2019/20. A limited number of dates are also available in the week 26th to 31st October 2018.

If you want to apply for a booking to fish Ashmead, please check the calendar on the website and drop us an email at

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