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Summer lovin'

Added at 14:39 on Wednesday 23rd September 2020

I haven't been keeping the news page up to date, partly because the summer has been so busy but ,mainly because life sometimes gets in the way! After the tranquility of lockdown, we have enjoyed a wonderful summer of sunshine, fish and wildlife. It has been such a pleasure to share Ashmead with our regular guests once more and to meet one or two new faces on the banks of the wetland.

The fishing has been steady rather than spectacular and each carp landed has been a carp well earned, through thoughtful angling; the Ashmead carp never give themselves up easily!

This is the equinox and autumn has arrived. The leaves are turning and falling and there was a distinct chill in the air and a morning dew today... Probably my favourite time of year (although I love the vibrancy of spring and the arrival of the summer migrants). This is the time I fish Ashmead myself for five days and I am really looking forward to spending five days on the wetland from this Friday, absorbed by nature and with the pressures of the world left to wait outside the Ashmead gate for my return to reality on Wednesday...

Bill and a lovely 30+ common
John Salt with The Grey, one of the oldest Ashmead carp
A summer dawn

Ashmead unlocked.

Added at 20:51 on Tuesday 07th July 2020

Lovely as the spring has been on Ashmead, without anyone disturbing the fish and the wildlife, it has been great to open the gates to anglers again, now that the Covid restrictions allow. "Ashmead time" means a great deal to our regular guests and it feels right to have anglers back on the banks for the wetland, pursuing a brief encounter with an ashmead carp.

The carp spawned hard and well during lockdown and they have been feeding hard as a result.... We lost one of the large, older, commons called Rags though spawning stress but it is the nature of Ashmead that, with strong, natural recruitment, another fish or two will grow to take her place.

We would like to thank our loyal angling friends for their continued support throughout the Covid lockdown and we look forward to seeing you all on the wetland again, now that the fishery is open.

Bill Phillips landed the big common called JC this afternoon and I had the pleasure of helping him net her. His smile captures the mood of the wetland just now and the joy of angling here... After the troubles of the recent lockdown, that is what it's all about!

Well done Bill!
A heavily scaled mirror caught last week.
Adam Hicks with a big fully-scaled mirror.

The best day of the year!

Added at 20:59 on Saturday 04th July 2020

We’re open again and anglers are back in the wetland, which is great! I’ll pop up a post about the fishing later.

Right now, the thing that is making me smile is thinking back to Thursday and what is, for me, the highlight of the Ashmead year.

We were closed to anglers (as we are every week) and the oldest kids from the local primary school came down to enjoy some time pond dipping and learning about the freshwater environment.

I love this event but this year, after lockdown, it was especially good.... Just seeing the kids running around with their friends, laughing and getting wet and muddy was brilliant.

Most of them were fascinated by the wildlife we found and saw; everything from toads and newts to fish, warblers and dragonflies! They were a credit to the school and spending time with them was fantastic.

Our two youngest children went to the same village school and Alistair helped me show them the Ashmead wildlife.... Hopefully one or two of them will also become interested in nature conservation and perhaps this day in the wetland will light that spark!

The first toad !
Pond dipping
Brilliant kids!

Fallon's Angler Ramblings podcast Part 2

Added at 08:34 on Saturday 13th June 2020

Part 2 of the Fallon's Angler Ramblings podcast from the banks of Ashmead and a battle with one of the wetland's largest carp...

Moonscale; forty plus and caught on mic...

Lockdown podcast for Fallon’s Angler

Added at 10:32 on Tuesday 02nd June 2020

Part 1 of a two-part podcast recorded at Ashmead for the excellent Fallon’s Angler.

Recorded in the course of a single day, the podcast echoes the Nature of Ashmead in this reflective first part and the excitement of fishing for the huge Ashmead carp in Part 2.

Making the recording was great fun and I hope you enjoy

Winter Gold

Added at 10:17 on Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Trevor Sturgess with JC. Winter carp fishing at Ashmead can be a challenge, with obstinate carp that are hard to locate and a mud bath on the banks; all that just makes success sweeter when it comes...

Trev with JC
Ashmead Gold
Back she goes...


Added at 10:07 on Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Now and again someone sends me a photograph of Ashmead that makes me look at the wetland from a different perspective. My friend Martin Cox just took a series of winter shots that are so beautiful that they almost made me want to abandon the woodburner and my dram last night and rush down to the lake so that I could wake up to a frosty Ashmead dawn. Almost....

Photograph Martin Cox
Photograph Martin Cox
Photograph Martin Cox


Added at 17:11 on Wednesday 23rd October 2019

A lovely time on the wetland, when the colours of the fish and the landscape change and intensify. The greens of summer are replaced with the yellow, gold and browns of the turning leaves and reeds and the fish take on a deeper, richer hue.

Martin Noble with a beautiful young mirror
Chris Elmey with  a large Autumn common
An early Autumn evening.

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